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Welcome to Snowhite Drycleaners, the premier destination for all your laundry needs in Islamabad. We understand the importance of clean, fresh, and neatly folded laundry. It's not just about cleanliness; it's about feeling good, confident, and ready to face the day. Our expertise spans a wide range of everyday wear and fabrics, ensuring that every garment, from your everyday casuals to your most prized possessions, is treated with the utmost care.

Types of Laundry We Expertly Handle

Fabrics We Specialize In

Polyester & Synthetics

Known for their durability and vibrant colors, these fabrics require special attention to prevent shrinkage and color fading. We ensure they remain as vibrant and durable as ever.

Silk & Satin

The epitome of luxury, silk and satin garments are treated with specialized processes to maintain their sheen and softness.

Wool & Cashmere

Warm and cozy, wool and cashmere items are cleaned gently to maintain their softness and structure.


A staple in almost every wardrobe, we ensure your jeans and denim garments are fresh without any fading, maintaining that perfect fit.

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Process of our Laundry Service

Step 1

Stain Treatment

Stains can be stubborn, but our experts are even more so. We pre-treat stains, ensuring they’re completely removed without harming the fabric.

Step 2


Using high-quality detergents and softeners, we ensure each garment is cleaned thoroughly, retaining its color and structure.

Step 3


Whether it’s air drying or tumble drying, we choose the best method based on the garment’s care label, ensuring no shrinkage or damage.

Step 4

Folding & Packaging

The final touch to our meticulous process, each garment is neatly folded, packaged, and ready to be returned to your wardrobe.

Benefits of Our Laundry Cleaning services

With Snowhite Drycleaners, you’re not just getting clean clothes; you’re getting time back in your day, consistent quality with every wash, improved hygiene, and all at rates that won’t break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in a variety of fabrics including cotton, linen, polyester & synthetics, silk & satin, wool & cashmere, and denim. Each fabric is treated with specialized processes to ensure optimal care.

Delicate garments like silk and lace are treated with utmost care. Our experts use gentle cleaning methods and specialized detergents to maintain their integrity and beauty.

Yes, we pride ourselves on our eco-friendly methods. We use biodegradable detergents and water-saving machines to ensure an environmentally responsible cleaning process.

Our skilled team meticulously inspects each garment, pre-treats stains, and uses high-quality detergents. We also separate garments based on color and fabric type for optimal results.


Absolutely! We offer convenient service options, including doorstep pickup and delivery, to make your laundry experience hassle-free and efficient.

Very good staff, economical price. They know how to clean everything without damaging the pocket.
Umer Faraz
Umer Faraz
They are a very old brand and their service is very professional
Noushirwan Zafar
Noushirwan Zafar
Nice place for dry cleaning.
Mohammad Abdul Wahab
Mohammad Abdul Wahab
I've been using Snow White Dry Cleaning for my laundry needs for several months now, and I must say, their service is nothing short of exceptional. The quality of their laundry service is top-notch, with every piece of clothing returned spotlessly clean and smelling fresh.
khalil hussain shah
khalil hussain shah
I recently contacted Snowhite Drycleaners for their curtain cleaning service, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. The quality of their work was exceptional, leaving my curtains fresh and immaculate.
Usama Wajid
Usama Wajid
Snowhite Drycleaners in Islamabad provides excellent same-day carpet cleaning at your doorstep. Professional, efficient, and competitive rates. Highly recommended!
Ahmed Malik
Ahmed Malik

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