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At Snowhite Drycleaners, we understand that curtains do more than just adorn your windows; they contribute significantly to the ambiance of your space. That's why we offer specialized cleaning services that ensure your curtains not only look revitalized but also exude freshness, elevating the comfort of your surroundings.

Types of Curtains We Handle

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of curtain types, each requiring a unique approach to maintain their specific fabric quality and functionality.

Our Advanced Curtain Cleaning Process

Step 1


We begin by identifying the curtain type, fabric, and any specific care requirements, setting the stage for a customized cleaning approach.

Step 2

Dusting & Vacuuming

Our initial cleaning phase involves removing surface dust and allergens, promoting a healthier environment in your space.

Step 3

Spot Treatment

We address specific stains with appropriate cleaning agents, targeting unsightly spots while preserving fabric integrity.

Step 4

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning methods are tailored to the curtain’s fabric and type, ensuring thorough cleanliness without compromising material quality.

Step 5


We employ gentle drying techniques to ensure your curtains retain their shape, drape, and are free of wrinkles.

Step 6

Post-Cleaning Inspection

A final review ensures each curtain is spotless, meets our quality standards, and is ready to enhance your space.

Why Choose Our Curtain Cleaning Services


Fabric Care:

Our expertise extends to a wide range of curtain fabrics, ensuring proper care.


Odor Removal

We eliminate all lingering odors, contributing to a fresher and more inviting indoor ambiance.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our commitment is to deliver nothing short of pristine curtains.

Benefits of Our Professional Curtain Cleaning

Aesthetic Appeal

Clean curtains significantly enhance the beauty of your interiors.

Healthier Environment

We help reduce allergens and dust, contributing to improved indoor air quality.

Extended Curtain Life

Regular professional cleaning ensures fabric longevity and durability.

Color Preservation

Our methods maintain the vibrancy and brightness of your curtains, keeping them looking as good as new.

Maintenance Tips and Aftercare

To keep your curtains in top condition, we offer expert advice on:

 Storage Tips:  Learn the best practices for storing your curtains to prevent creases, dust accumulation, and damage.

Vacuum Regularly: We provide simple routines to help keep your curtains looking fresh and vibrant between professional cleanings.

Handling Light Exposure:Get tips on preventing color fading due to sunlight exposure.

Protective Measures: We recommend using liners and shields to prolong your curtains’ life and appearance.


Yes, Snowhite Drycleaners expertly cleans all curtain types, preserving quality and appearance.

Absolutely. It enhances appearance, healthiness, and curtain lifespan.

Most stains, yes, but success varies based on stain type and duration.

At Snowhite Drycleaners, we offer expert curtain cleaning services.

Ideally, every 6 to 12 months for health and aesthetics.

Very good staff, economical price. They know how to clean everything without damaging the pocket.
Umer Faraz
Umer Faraz
They are a very old brand and their service is very professional
Noushirwan Zafar
Noushirwan Zafar
Nice place for dry cleaning.
Mohammad Abdul Wahab
Mohammad Abdul Wahab
I've been using Snow White Dry Cleaning for my laundry needs for several months now, and I must say, their service is nothing short of exceptional. The quality of their laundry service is top-notch, with every piece of clothing returned spotlessly clean and smelling fresh.
khalil hussain shah
khalil hussain shah
I recently contacted Snowhite Drycleaners for their curtain cleaning service, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. The quality of their work was exceptional, leaving my curtains fresh and immaculate.
Usama Wajid
Usama Wajid
Snowhite Drycleaners in Islamabad provides excellent same-day carpet cleaning at your doorstep. Professional, efficient, and competitive rates. Highly recommended!
Ahmed Malik
Ahmed Malik

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